Spilling Over

SPILLING OVER is a documentary that examines the human consequences of America’s often excessive energy use. The story follows the Arnesen family and the town of Venice, Louisiana as they refuse to become casualties of our endless desire for more energy resources. In the wake of the largest oil spill in U.S. history, the people of Venice are left with a difficult choice: Do they stay and risk their health for the sake of their culture and livelihood? Or do they sacrifice their way of life, community and heritage in order to flee the lasting effects of the oil spill?

This film has been a work-in-progress since May 2010. The story has developed and changed immensely as we’ve trekked along with the Arnesens and the Gulf community through some tumultuous times, speckled with good memories and tender moments. We are honored that they allow us the privilege of documenting this journey. To learn more about the film, please visit the film website.