Mpala Live

I spent two weeks filming in Laikipia County, Kenya, documenting the research and wildlife at the Mpala Research Centre for Mpala Live!. Within its 200 square km of unfenced landscape, Mpala incorporates cattle ranching, wildlife, and research all in one.  Mpala Live! gives you a round-the-clock look at the lives of elephants, lions, zebras, giraffes, hippos, birds, and other animals in a fascinating swath of African landscape.

The Mpala Research Centre (MRC) receives hundreds of students, educators, and scientists from around the globe each year, conducting research on everything from parasites to elephants. The unique set up of Mpala allows for researchers to use the land as a ‘living laboratory’ in which to conduct experiments and answer pressing questions on conservation and wildlife. Here are a few films created from that trip.

Role: Director of Photography, Editor

Role: Director of Photography
Editor: Reiley Wooten