Immigrating from Japan to Honolulu, Hawaii in 1961, Hitoshi Hida struggled to learn English as he excelled in math and painting during high school. Abandoning his desire to be an artist, Hida pursued a career in architecture. With the advent of three-dimensional renderings, Hida, 72, is one of only a handful of designers in Hawaii who still creates architectural renderings at a drafting table using color pencils, erasers, and rulers. Over the course of nearly 40 years, he has created thousands of hand-drawn architectural renderings, dedicating his life to the craft and pursuit of perfection.

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Festival Screenings
Hawaii International Film Festival, 2016 (World Premiere)
Waimea Ocean Film Festival, 2017
Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival, 2017

Best Film Short, Waimea Ocean Film Festival, 2017


Full Credits
Directed and Produced by: Andrew Hida
Featuring: Hitoshi Hida
Cinematography: Andrew Hida, Jessey Dearing
Editor: Andrew Hida
Animation: Drew Jordan
Illustrations: Hitoshi Hida
Associate Producer: Jennifer Moncayo
Original Music: Duncan Blickenstaff
Musicians: Mark Robertson, Josefina Vergara, Luke Maurer, Cameron Stone
Re-Recording and Score Mixer: Satoshi Noguchi
Mix Assistant: Colleen Lutz
Sound Designer: Sarah Brady Voll
Colorist: Michael Curry
Archival Photography: Hida Family, Group 70 International