Three paralyzed men take up one of sailing’s most grueling challenges—a 750 mile race to Alaska through some of the most treacherous and remote waters on the planet. With no motors allowed and many miles from any help, the competition can be too dangerous for the world’s most fearless sailors. This team is out to prove they have what it takes to finish.

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Cinematography, Producer

Full Credits
Executive Producer: Courtney Coupe
Director of Development: Matthew Drake
Creative Director: Ben Whitla
Senior Producer: Connor Boals
Director/Producer: Andrew Lampard
Producers: Evelio Contreras, Adriana Rabunski, Mimi Schiffman, Kevin Steen, Jessey Dearing
Cinematography: Kevin Steen, Evelio Contreras, Andrew Lampard, Erin Feinblatt, Jessey Dearing
Editor: Justin Beach
Color: John Kersten
Sound Design: Justin Beach
Graphics: Whittney Suggs, Christopher Skinner
Assistant Editor: Allie Straim
Sound Recordist: Eilis O’Neill
Narration: Jonathan O’Beirne
Victoria Drone Unit: Louie Northern and Scott Montgomery
Ketchikan Drone Unit: Alaska Aerial Media